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Box Supplier

UCI LOGOUnicasting Company Inc., (UCI) is strategically located along Governor’s Drive in Carmona, Cavite, just a few kilometers away from Metro Manila, Laguna and Batangas manufacturing high quality corrugated carton boxes and providing impeccable customer service for a decade now which continuously expands to cater all the customers’ packaging needs.

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)

Aside from the regular slotted cartons (RSC),  UCI also supplies carton pallets, Die Cutted, Full Overlap cartons and specialized cartons for interior and visual merchandising needs.  We can print up to 3 colored boxes with a wide array of raw material to choose from in white and brown kraft.

UCI Carton Pallets

UCI Carton Pallets

We supply corrugated boxes from different industries including electronic manufacturing, food and beverage, logistics, pharmaceutical and retail.

Our highly trained team exudes passion and commitment to give nothing but the best corrugated cartons to our valued buyers.

We are truly a one-stop box supplier.  For inquiries, you may send your queries at sales.uciph@gmail.com or call/sms 0917.910.8333 and look for Sam.

Boxes & More From Unicasting Company Inc. (UCI)!



Unicasting Company Inc

Unicasting Company Inc



Unicasting Company Inc.,is one the leading corrugated box manufacturer in the Philippines. UCI is located in Carmona, Cavite which is just 30 minutes away from Manila.


To establish itself as a key player in the
corrugated carton boxes manufacturing by
adhering to the highest standards set by
the global community utilizing only
the best resources
within its reach.

lbc xl box


To provide customer’s satisfaction to the fullest
through continous improvement,
working hand in hand with our employees,
suppliers and investors.

Heavy Equipment Casing

More than corrugated boxes, UCI also has its Fiber-glass Reinforced Plastic Department which makes heavy equipment/machinery parts and delivery boxes!


Fiber Glass Department


and also manufactures products made from Poly Ethylene Plastic such as trash bins, payao, portalet and even unsinkable boats! All UCI products are made by highly trained personnel because with Unicasting Company Inc., QUALITY COMES FIRST!!!!

For inquiries about the products of UCI, you may send an email at sam.unicasting@gmail.com.

Delivery Bay

Delivery Bay


Freelancing woes….

Freelancing is very popular nowadays and a lot of mothers out there are very “into” it because of the fact that they can earn while taking care of their little ones at home.

I have been a freelancer for more than a year now and it is only now that I have come to realize the downside of working from home. No security at all. Aside from the fact that there are no benefits, you can be absolutely jobless in just one click.

This is the reality that has been beating me up for a few days now. I am a 5 star rated contractor with so many hours of online experience yet I am battling to get a job. It is really frustrating seeing someone bidding $0.21/hour just to get hired. I truly understand the freedom of the bidders and the employers to hire somebody with the lowest offer to save and eventually gain more profit. But this is not fair at all.

I have read people’s outrage about this and have found it absurd. Now, I came to realize that this matter needs to be addressed once and for all. A maximum and minimum bid would not hurt at all right?

Next stop? The Ferrari World!

   I’ve been wanting to go to places like Egypt, Czech Republic and Brazil.  Abu Dhabi?  Never!  Until I heard the news that the FERRARI WORLD is now open for everyone to see and experience.  The biggest indoor theme park ever made! I have been a roller coaster fanatic all my life and reading about the  Formula Rossa makes me want to go there ASAP!  This ride boasts of a speed of 240kph.  Truly awesome!  Before pursuing this dream of mine to go to Ferrari World, I have some things to focus on before packing up:

  1. Best month to go to Abu Dhabi – As I have researched, Abu Dhabi is an all-year round destination.  I would prefer to go there in the winter months to avoid the extreme hotness.  They say that during the summer months, people are advised not to expose themselves in direct sunlight in the middle of the day to prevent heat strokes.   I will go there to have fun although the Ferrari World is a fully air-conditioned theme park, I will enjoy it much with “cooler” weather.
  2. Where to stay – Ferrari world is situated in the Yas Island so I might as well stay in the same area.  The Yas Hotel is the perfect place to unwind.  You will need 800AED ($217.80 USD) for a Deluxe/Twin Room per day.  I got the rate at booking.com.  It located a just a few minutes away from the theme park of my dreams.

    Who wouldn't want to stay here?

  3. Park itinerary – Please keep in mind that the theme park is closed on Mondays and is open from 1200 – 2200 every Tuesdays – Sundays.  A general admission ticket to the Ferrari World is 225AED ($61.26 USD). You may buy the tickets online through http://www.ferrariworldabudhabi.com.  There are lockers, strollers for rent and ATM’s for the thrill-seekers’ convenience.  It will be helpful to get a copy of the park map so as not to waste your time and energy looking for the attractions, restaurants and comfort rooms.  I recommend to visit their website, all the stuff you need to know about the theme park is there.
I know that I have to save up and plan things up before fulfilling this dream of mine to see the theme park of my dreams….the world of Ferraris.  I know it will, and I can make it happen!  See you there!

7 Best Reasons Why I love Odesk!

Losing our family business was a great ordeal for my folks to handle.   This has been very depressing for all of us because my sisters and my mom devoted so much to it that when we lost it, we have nothing…even nothing to start of with and most of all, no money in our pockets. We’ve technically lost everything!
While going through this financial turmoil, a friend of mine told me about Odesk and told me to give it a try.  I was hesitant at first because I am not a “techy” kind of person. As soon as I got home, I browsed through Odesk.com and created an account.   I found the job listings, looked for jobs that I can do well,  applied and landed with a job!
I have been working only for a week now but these are things that will make you an Odesk lover:
  1. FREE REGISTRATION – No credit cards needed and the website is very secure.  I must admit that I have this huge doubt at until I saw the salary in my bank.
  2. OVER 1,000 JOBS TO CHOOSE FROM  – Whether you’re “techy” or not, I am sure that you will find one that will catch your attention.  Although competition is very very tight, in Odesk, you just have to keep on applying to get a job.  and onece you have one, it is up to you on how to provide with the employers with exemplary work ethics and outputs.
  3. WORKING AT YOU OWN PACE – You can choose from part-time and full-time jobs!  You can give your schedule to employers upon interview so as not to meddle with the other things that you need to do.
  4. DOING OTHER THINGS WHILE EARNING– This is a great working space for a multi-tasker. Having a full-time job means sacrificing most of your day time for your work.  This will not be the case when you are working online.  You could have time to eat with your kids, play with them and let them grow by your side.
  5. WORKING WITHOUT OVERHEAD EXPENSES – No need for you to spend on transportation, clothes, make-up etc.
  6. NO OFFICE “POLITICS” /ISSUES WITH CO-WORKERS – I’ve experienced these in my previous jobs and coping up is really hard especially when you have envious officemates.
  7. SAVE TIME – No need to dress up in the morning and travel from point A to point B.
You may think I am earning so much from this.  Naah, I’m just really happy that I got a job and this is what matters most!  It is morale boosting and I’m not going to stop until I’ve reached my financial goals.   Although these jobs are not that stable, they are perfect for stay at home moms like your truly who would want extra income whether to help their husbands make money or just to buy a Chanel bag for themselves!