Next stop? The Ferrari World!

   I’ve been wanting to go to places like Egypt, Czech Republic and Brazil.  Abu Dhabi?  Never!  Until I heard the news that the FERRARI WORLD is now open for everyone to see and experience.  The biggest indoor theme park ever made! I have been a roller coaster fanatic all my life and reading about the  Formula Rossa makes me want to go there ASAP!  This ride boasts of a speed of 240kph.  Truly awesome!  Before pursuing this dream of mine to go to Ferrari World, I have some things to focus on before packing up:

  1. Best month to go to Abu Dhabi – As I have researched, Abu Dhabi is an all-year round destination.  I would prefer to go there in the winter months to avoid the extreme hotness.  They say that during the summer months, people are advised not to expose themselves in direct sunlight in the middle of the day to prevent heat strokes.   I will go there to have fun although the Ferrari World is a fully air-conditioned theme park, I will enjoy it much with “cooler” weather.
  2. Where to stay – Ferrari world is situated in the Yas Island so I might as well stay in the same area.  The Yas Hotel is the perfect place to unwind.  You will need 800AED ($217.80 USD) for a Deluxe/Twin Room per day.  I got the rate at  It located a just a few minutes away from the theme park of my dreams.

    Who wouldn't want to stay here?

  3. Park itinerary – Please keep in mind that the theme park is closed on Mondays and is open from 1200 – 2200 every Tuesdays – Sundays.  A general admission ticket to the Ferrari World is 225AED ($61.26 USD). You may buy the tickets online through  There are lockers, strollers for rent and ATM’s for the thrill-seekers’ convenience.  It will be helpful to get a copy of the park map so as not to waste your time and energy looking for the attractions, restaurants and comfort rooms.  I recommend to visit their website, all the stuff you need to know about the theme park is there.
I know that I have to save up and plan things up before fulfilling this dream of mine to see the theme park of my dreams….the world of Ferraris.  I know it will, and I can make it happen!  See you there!

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  1. ferrari world wasnt open when i went, i really want to go !

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