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Freelancing woes….

Freelancing is very popular nowadays and a lot of mothers out there are very “into” it because of the fact that they can earn while taking care of their little ones at home.

I have been a freelancer for more than a year now and it is only now that I have come to realize the downside of working from home. No security at all. Aside from the fact that there are no benefits, you can be absolutely jobless in just one click.

This is the reality that has been beating me up for a few days now. I am a 5 star rated contractor with so many hours of online experience yet I am battling to get a job. It is really frustrating seeing someone bidding $0.21/hour just to get hired. I truly understand the freedom of the bidders and the employers to hire somebody with the lowest offer to save and eventually gain more profit. But this is not fair at all.

I have read people’s outrage about this and have found it absurd. Now, I came to realize that this matter needs to be addressed once and for all. A maximum and minimum bid would not hurt at all right?